You desperately want to enjoy life but anxiety has you missing out on it.

You avoid people, places and situations, feeling stuck in the past and afraid of the future. Even the smallest tasks feel mind-boggling and overwhelming. Your mind races; you can't focus.

You're trapped in an exhausting cycle of wanting to do too much but not being able to do anything at all. You're on an emotional hamster wheel.

You feel disconnected from yourself, others and the world around you. You can't enjoy life.

You've tried technique after technique yet anxiety and fear persist

You've tried anything you think might help... 

But after months or even years of struggling with anxiety and fear you aren't sure what to do. No matter how hard you try you still find yourself feeling worried, apprehensive, nervous, uncertain -- and sometimes hopeless.

You find yourself asking question like....

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why can't I get over this? 
  • Does life have to be this hard? 
  • Is it possible to be happy?

What makes us less anxious isn't necessarily what make us happy

I spent years struggling with anxiety, fear and stress and although many of the methods I discovered were good, even great -- for me they were eventually incomplete.

Although many of the treatments and techniques I've tried (and strongly believe in) did in fact treat my anxiety -- it wasn't until I discovered The Anxiety Tool -- and applied it -- that my life (and my anxiety) began to transform... 

I began to thrive -- not just feel less anxious.

The Anxiety Tool can be a compliment to any other form of treatment, it does not have to be a replacement. 

You're not alone

Over 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety.  

Sources of anxiety and fear vary from environment, genetics, trauma or upbringing to a predisposition to fight or flight. 

Scientific studies, as well as spiritual and yoga psychology, are proving that our brains are habit making machines. In other words, anxiety, fear and chronic stress are patterns -- they are not who we truly are -- and we don't have to be run by these habits. 

You may not see it, but it's there. 

Everyone lives with some sort of challenge, burden or upset in life. That doesn't mean we're all broken or damaged -- or that something is inherently wrong with us. This simply means we are human.

And fighting with our afflictions doesn't get us the results we want... to be happy and thriving individuals. 

Instead of trying harder to fix the problem, The Anxiety Tool provides a path to make obstacles a catalyst to peace of mind, calm and confidence. 

An opportunity, not a problem

How would you feel if you could transform anxiety from a source of agitation to a catalyst for spiritual growth, peace and self confidence?

Are you ready to stop battling with it and learn to live differently?  This is a positive approach that would allow you to...

  • LIVE with it

  • GROW from it

  • and THRIVE through it

The Anxiety Tool is a holistic approach to living differently with anxiety and stress

How we live -- whether we thrive or just survive -- depends a lot on our own perceptions, outlook and beliefs.

Rather than fixing problems, gathering information or theorizing anxiety, The Anxiety Tool is about living life. It's rooted in experience and application and personal transformation from the inside-out.

The Anxiety Tool uniquely integrates the latest cutting edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience with essential life-empowering practices from yoga, mindfulness and spiritual psychology.

No matter where you are now, The Anxiety Tool can help you get to where you want to be in life. It does not require super human or special powers for it to work. 

The main requirements are to be ready, willing and open to a new perspective -- and approach to living with -- not fighting against -- anxiety, fear and stress. 

Are you ready?

In this 10-minute video I will teach you the must-have tool

that made the most significant difference for me in reducing my anxiety and to move forward in my life. 

Before working with Joy, I was experiencing daily stress and bouts of anxiety. Within the first three months, both lessened by first understanding and then changing how I dealt with unhealthy behavioral patterns. Now I’m better equipped to work through triggers that would normally have sent me spiraling. I highly recommend working with Joy if personal roadblocks are hindering you from living your best life going forward.
— J.C., Southern California
Joy came into my life when I needed her the most. As a teacher and mentor, Joy really listened to me and helped guide me through the emotional roller coaster I was on. She shared tools and practices that helped rewire my brain and create new and more positive thought patterns and habits, which I still rely on today. Through positive psychology and the wisdom traditions, Joy helped me change my mind, and thus my life.
— Maegan Tintari, Blogger, Author, Artist